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    COD Ghosts Clan System Bug/Glitch - NEED HELP

      So I have tried to research this bug and find any other people that have the same exact issue, I found some other issues but not one exactly identical to mine. So if I missed a thread please link it so I can find out how to fix this.On that note, I'm pretty sure this needs to be fixed on an individual basis because this one seems quite uncommon.


      So I am currently experiencing a bug/glitch with my COD Ghosts clan system. I am unable to create, join, or be invited to a clan. I really want to participate in clan ops and scrims (as well as help clan level up) but I can not. When I first got on COD Ghosts I created a clan and it worked fine (to the best of my ability) it is only when my friends told me they already started one that I asked for an invite and tried to join. Instead of  joining though I got into a place where I am neither in a clan nor not in a clan because I can't be invited and I'm not able to invite others/see clan info. I logged into the COD Ghosts companion app and it said I was in the clan I created at the beginning. However when I log into the game on my ps3 its says I am not. I try leaving the clan on the app it says I am unable. I can't invite a person into the clan and give them leader so I can leave because I can't invite online because it says im not in the clan.


      Any help is appreciated. My username is cheezeplz on PSN.  

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