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      is it just me or does the spawning system on ghost's seem worse than ever as im getting fed up with being killed on spawn its just stupid

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          its not just you. I also have a problem with the spawns in this game. My K/D is so messed up from this.

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            Yeah, nothing like getting a good streak going then get killed because the game spawned someone right behind you. It's awesome.

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              I'm really loving this game...EXCEPT for the spawns.  Dear God....the spawns!  On maps as big as these, why do they spawn people so close?  On Siege, Stormfront, and that castle map there is NO reason to spawn anywhere close to someone else.  Heck, there's no reason for it on any map...but some of these maps are huge (too huge for 6v6)...


              Great game IW...except your spawn system is broken.  OR, if you think it's fun to spawn so close to people, because it builds action and keeps you on your toes...then I'm worried you don't have a clue as to what players find fun and exciting with shooters like this.


              Also, quick side note...can we talk about map flow?  These maps have none, and it sucks.  Flooded, Overlord, Stormfront?  It's all so random.  Strikezone makes sense, and even Prison Break and Freight (kind of), but the rest?  It's all just random and weird.


              I'm done.

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                Its always rough during the release period. Spawns will be tweaked and become better. This happens every year.