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    *ps3/ps4* siCK Clan 200+ members from across the globe

      Gaming is changing. The Next Generation is upon us and no matter what system you play on, its always a better experience playing together with a good team.


      The siCK Clan is a Playstation clan where we are enjoying the new generation of console while also supporting the old one. So whether you're still playing the PS3, already on PS4 watch, or are considering the change, we have members ready to make your gaming experience even better. We have over 200 registered users and currently have teams for COD: Ghosts and BATTLEFIELD 4 on both systems. We will also expand into any game which takes the fancy of our community.


      200 active members may seem a lot, but everyone knows one another and we treat each other as one big family. Our member base is composed primarily of people from the USA, Europe, and Canada, who span from recreational players to professional gamers- you will fit in no matter what you want out of your gaming experience. With members from all over the world the chances are no matter what time you play, you will find some members to join up with.


      Rather than spending hours reading through countless, huge posts to find a clan that suits you, why not visit thesickclan.com and have a look for yourself at what we believe is the best place for you to settle into.