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    Thankyou Treyarch

      Thankyou treyarch for black ops two! I say that because I could be playing it for the next year after trying to like ghosts and failing. I sorely miss the eye candy map design of yemen, with its small yo medium size and easy to navigate routes.

             I miss the big supersharp guns and the claymores, iw took out the claymores!

             And i miss the game modes like hardpoint which i really enjoyed.

              But most of all, i miss the "you killed" player card pop ups that appear centre screen wen you shoot sumone and saves you hunting through the killfeed for some transparent orange letters to see who youve killed. it makes the whole experience of killing someone so much more connected and fun. Im so sick of my mates saying "You just killed me!" and me saying "oh, did I!" This is horrible and the game should make it much more obvious.

            The maps are far too complicated and some are massive and complicated...boring. I liked all the black ops 2 maps, I only really like four tops from ghosts, thats really bad for me...

             Please get your new game out this year, I have no new cod to play...

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          Re: Thankyou Treyarch

          Amen - there are issues with BLOPS2 but they got a lot right.  Ghosts is pretty bad IMHO at this point and the maps are way too big for 8v8 play.  It would need to 16v16 to make it remotely fun.


          People complain about sub machine gunners, shotgunners and quick scoping in this game but I run around with my 4-burst AR and have no problems with those people.  I like BLOPS2 a lot and would like to have seen a newer version of BLOPS2 with slightly larger maps (ie Yemen) but sadly I got Ghosts and it's been a disappointment.

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            Re: Thankyou Treyarch

            Nice post. I was actually going to make a thread asking for opinions of people who've played Ghosts multiplayer, and how it compares to BLOPS 2. I hated MW 3 MP but quite liked Treyarch's second effort. The maps seem fair and balanced. How did the Ghosts campaign compare to BLOPS 2?

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              Re: Thankyou Treyarch

              I haven't finished the campaign yet.  It has it's moments that I like and parts that are mediocre...not much different than prior versions.  They added "super dog" just to make things interesting.   I'm not a huge fan of that but it's still "ok".

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                Re: Thankyou Treyarch

                I fail to understand how my little brother loves Ghosts ( he couldn't play BO2 cuz my died screwed it up). IMO the maps looked they were designed for next gen consoles, camping has increased tenfold since people don't walking around the map to get a kill.

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