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    Im Begging you, Please listen

      Recently I purchased this amazing Fps, Known as call of duty: Ghost. It has some Flaws as do all things in the universe but the Biggest flaw or obstacle I face while playing this game is the usage of female characters. They are too attractive and its distracting. Im a pure young male at the tender age where you get sweet feelings for a girl and such. So Im begging you guys to remove the bodacious babe models and add women who are unattractive and grotesque to look at so I can achieve better gameplay.

      Im Begging you, Everytime I see one of these goddesses I just stop and let her kill me, So enthralled in her beauty I can't Go without her I can't go on this way.  I mean how can I focus with all these beauty's just popping up all over my screen like some type of pinup paintings. I cannot go on please consider these aspects.  Either this Video Vixens go or I do. I have spoken please listen to me.


      Ps: These character models have a dedicated server in my heart.