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    Looking For a PS3 Clan

      Hey im looking for a PS3 clan to join

      iIm a good team player

      my PSN is xFaDeADx

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          Re: Looking For a PS3 Clan

          2G4U is recruiting for Clan Wars. We're looking for good active players to help us out. We were 1st place but we're falling behind due to inactive players. We play various game modes such as Domination, TDM, Cranked, Blitz & Kill Confirmed. We're looking for good players that are well-rounded in the game modes we play for Clan Wars. Here's our requirements:

          1. Must have a 2.00 KD or higher.
          2. Must have a mic and use it for call outs
          3. Must play as a team. (We play as a team, we'll end up on top).
          4. We have zero tolerance for negative attitude during games. (e.i. If we're losing, and you keep complaining if we're not defending or helping out). Trust us, we're trying. Please use positive attitude in order to motivate other clan mates to do better.
          5. Must be at least 18 years of age. 17 is okay. (If you're annoying as ****, you'll be kicked. No questions asked.
          6. Must compete in Clan Wars.
          7. Must have the Call of Duty app. (e.i. If you wanna go after objectives on your own, or get help by your friends or other clan mates. By all means, go right ahead cause sometimes we won't have room in the party for everyone). But afterwards, message the leader how many wins you got so far.


          If you're interested in joining 2G4U cause applying is so simple! All you have to do is message the Lt. Commander or the Leader himself.

          There PSNs:

          Leader: HERBANBASSTECH

          Lt. Commander: iRoyaL-xD

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            Re: Looking For a PS3 Clan

            Hey man,

            I am a co-Leader of  [ WoG* ] and we are looking for quality active members to expand. We are also considering clan merging or making ally clans...

            We just won the first clan war in Gold division, currently have 21 members, Clan KD of 1.57 and 50% win loss ratio.


            Would you or your clan be interested in joining/merging with us or being an ally clan?


            PSN-  ImMorTaL_BouSS  or  GitErDunBrosDJ

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              Re: Looking For a PS3 Clan

              Check us out. Clan name Easy~Company PSN:Nakios

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