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    Need help picking a CoD game for Online.

      Hello fellow CoD players, I just recently signed up to the forums because I have a question I've been debating about for a while now. I recently just picked up my xbox 360 again playing CoD Black Ops but I'm lately not having as much fun as I thought I would. I didn't buy Ghosts nor do I think I plan to. Same goes for a next gen console. I'm not going to be picking up one anytime soon. But I'm just wondering, I used to have so much fun playing Black Ops online (when it first came out) I guess I just got bored of playing so much but I recently have been have been having an urge to play MW2 online just for the hell of it because I really do miss it. I find myself not enjoying Black Ops as much primarily because the maps are kind of smaller and sniping is just so much not as fun as it was in MW2 in my opinion.

      Anyways I used to have MW2 but I gave it away.


      So now I'm sitting here thinking, because everyone is getting Ghosts would it even be worth it to buy that game if I didn't like Black Ops online and such?

      I'm trying to find out if I should be buying either MW3, Black Ops 2 or Ghosts for the multiplayer. I just really seem to miss the "rewarding" feel for killstreaks and such like in MW2 how people don't really keep dying every second.


      Thank you for your input!