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    can you remove all the crap killstreaks?

      seriously do we even have a decent killstreak in this game ? i have used battle hind nonstop only kill 1-2 tops, the helo pilot is so stupid to control and is crap with the camera angle, loki is junk too takes forever to move to a target, guard dogs are stupid they stand next to u doing nothing but stare and they only kill the enemy when u get killed, the only worth it killstreak to achive is the Maniac and support is just for fail noobs that can't man up and get a real killstreak, i do miss the old times with harrier,ac-130,chopper gunners,cobras and fun stuffs like that, running like an idiot using support to spam sat-com and oracles is for skill-less nubs imo

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          Re: can you remove all the crap killstreaks?

          seems like someone needs a koolaid okay lets break it down shall we


          Dog- follows your point of view so it is only able to see the enemy once you see it, thus it goes after the enemy after you die, pay attention to the dog once you call it in, it will alert you to nearby enemies by looking in that direction in a guard stance


          helo pilot- this streak is deadly as hell there is a reason why its  a 12 point streak, what you have to realize is that what you are trying to do is make the pilot look down making the heli upside down which the game wont let you do, also use this streak on an open map for best results


          Battle Hind- another streak that is very deadly but if used on open maps, what is this thing supposed to kill if they are hiding inside or using blind eye, this in fact is a really powerful streak may not look like it but it is


          Loki- well if you think loki is useless maybe Odin would fit your style better no? Loki calls in an assault juggernaut which follows you around once your done the Loki, you get to drop carepackages that give you more assault streaks (you can drop upto three before it runs out) which is insane and can turn the game around, then you have two cannons which you can fire upon the enemy one after the other, where does this streak fail you may i ask, oh its hard to get on target well duh its a satellite its not supposed to move fast but be deadly which it is


          Support Noobs- Colour me bloody lol, i love using support it allows me to rush around blindly, would you rather have teammates use support and get their streaks or use assault and not even get a sat com, not everyone is as good as you  

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