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    How do you run a dedicated server on console?

      This is my first year of going console gaming on the Wii U. For about a decade I been gaming mainly on PC. On PC I was able to run dedicated servers at home as well as renting it later on. Even tried setting up & running COD4 server at home as well as MW2 with the now defunct 3rd party IWNet (shutdown by Activision). On PC it's easy to set up dedicated servers at home as long as you have good internet connection, know basic networking (port forwarding) & the dedicated server files made available for use by the public. Some games the dedicated server files only made available through rent server hosts so you have to rent.


      Until today I assumed this is also the case with console except that the dedicated servers are not made available for public use - you rent a dedicated server for lets say the Wii U through 3rd party, pay the monthly cost depending on the number of server slots you ordered & you're good to go. Looking on some of the dedicated server providers that I used to rent servers before I can only see PC dedicated servers for rent. So I got a couple of noob questions...


      1) How do you run a dedicated server on console?

      2) Is it going to be mainly an inhouse dedicated server hosting run by Treyarch (developer) or by Activision (publisher)?

      3) Can you host a dedicated server using another Wii U or a PC at home?

      4) How do you manage server settings on dedicated servers hosted outside (on PC you have server tools like Rcon, Procon, etc.)?


      Dedicated servers are coming so I wanna know more about it before it come.