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    I'm suffering from lag, or I don't know how to call it.

      Hi everyone,


      First of all, I play call of duty since COD 4 (MW1), I can say that I'm pro at the game now except Ghost.
      Whenever I play Ghost, I feel like I'm noob and first time playing FPS games .


      My problem is that when I face a noob or avg player I get killed instantly, I can't shoot 1 bullet , even though I know where he is coming from. I'm running dead silence and I have a pro headset (Tritton Pro 5.1), so I hear footsteps very well.


      Therefor, I figured that my character is almost half a second (500 millisecond) ahead of my my FPS camera, I mean I play in the past 500 millisecond, so I can't react in time.


      Also there is something weird and it might be related to my issue which is EVERY GAME I'm the first loaded to the map and the timer start counting down from second 55 until everyone connected and then it start counting down from 15. I asked my friends and they told me that the time counter begins at 15 and rarely start at 30 and they enjoy playing the game, and they never started from second 55. new hint: However, I read someone comment about starting at 55, he said that happen because of the digital copy which lead to load the game faster.


      My game is a digital copy from PSN

      ISP: Verizon Fioz

      Down: 75Mbits   Up: 35 Mbits my connection is fantastic

      Massachusetts, Boston

      Please anyone who have the same issue comment with your ISP, connection speed, state and city, and whether your copy is digital or disc.


      My PS4 is coming on Nov 15th so I'm going to give it a try on that beast system and where is the problem.


      This game is almost the only game I play


      Thank you for your time, and you may find some grammatical errors but sorry my English is a second language