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    [PS3 & PS4] Av3s Ingenuus Recruiting Mature Players

      [PS3 & PS4] Av3s Ingenuus Recruiting Mature Players


      Looking for a better gaming experience in PS3 online games? A close knit family of friends and players that are not only highly competitive, but at the same time fully suited for casual gaming? A clan that is supportive, mature and respectful, but also laid back and fun?


      Then you should check us out!


      We are Av3s Ingenuus; a clan for Ghosts, Black ops 2 and GTA Online.


      We truly believe that a crew should be a family; dedicated and respectful, loyal and fair, where each individual is free to truly be themselves and where all the members support each other and contribute to the overall experience. Where we can all learn and grow and become our best selves in game and out.


      Av3s is currently a mature, laid back and fun-loving crew of eleven members and our main focus right now is to build up this clan/community.

      (We will handpick members together as we go and it will take some time due to our goals.)


      We also have PVR Recorders and will be active on YouTube.




      Our only requirements are that every member be at least 21 or older and have a working mic (for better communication and better callouts) and that they are a fit... for that reason... Upon acceptance into Av3s Ingenuus you will be given probationary time. This gives us a chance to know you and you to know us and make sure its a good fit for us both. At the end of your probation (Approximately two weeks) you will be become a full member.


      People who cause problems or bring drama into our relaxed environment will not be tolerated.



      So whether you are a laid back casual gamer or a hardcore pro, come hang out with some older and like minded ppl. :)


      If interested, please visit us on our website and fill in the application form on the recruitment page.

      Once your application has been approved simply go to the "New Members Area" in our forums and introduce yourself by creating a new personal thread there!





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