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    Odin (Support kill streak)

      Can someone tell me how this works? I just mash buttons on the controller while in the mode and hope for the best. What button does what (PS3)?

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          Re: Odin (Support kill streak)

          I Believe it says on the bottom of screen what it does when using it, I suggest playing some bots to learn how to use it effectively

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            Re: Odin (Support kill streak)

            R2- Place support juggernaut

            L2- carepackages they will be support streaks though

            L1- place smoke bomb

            R1- label enemies on the map for your teammates



            I would recommend using the these streaks for best results


            Juggernaut support- the one with the riot shield that provides you support

            Juggernaut Suit- the one that makes you a juggernaut

            Odin- another juggernaut


            what you should do first is get all of them then run your odin and make sure the juggernaut you drop does not die once your done the Odin get your juggernaut suit and then activate the riot shield support..........


            You now have three juggernauts on the field

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              Re: Odin (Support kill streak)

              Thanks for the info sounds like a good idea. How many carepackages and smoke bombs can be deployed? and is there unlimited enemy marking?

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                  Re: Odin (Support kill streak)

                  There's a wait period for each of the four. Smoke/Radar support are a very short wait period (just a few seconds), while the carepackages are a longer wait period. I believe you can drop up to 3 carepackages, possibly 4 at the most. You only can place 1 juggernaut though.


                  If you're going to be running support streaks, and you usually get the amount of kills for the Odin early-ish in the game, PainofJustice's strategy is best. I've done it quite a few times, and it really screws up the other time. Even if the other juggernauts don't do much (kills-wise), they still distract and delay the opposing team from doing objectives and it also takes the attention off you for some easy kills.

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