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        20. Re: IED's are OP

        It's an improvised explosive device.... Its not supposed to be seen and is supposed to cause as much damage as possible. They suck yes and the blast radius is ridiculous especially in hc where at at tail end of radius it's lethal. I hate them but run Sitrep and shoot any I see from safe distance. Only problem is when they are thrown in puddles and very obscure places that your fov can't see even with Sitrep.  Been quite a few times I've died while wearing Sitrep and it was because they weren't in my actual field of view,  that is the real issue I see or don't see lol.  How come no one is complaining about thermobaric? It's a tactical but lethal in hc due to 50 base damage with massive blast radius. Best equipment in game actually even in core

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          21. Re: IED's are OP

          i know it sucks to have to waist spots on it but i have found blast shield to be an amazing help over the past couple days

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            22. Re: IED's are OP

            Annoying yes OP no but I do think that a couple of things need doing:


            Add in a perk to the game that delays explosives like stalker pro in MW3 or even just add the ability on to sit rep.


            I think the deadly blast needs a tone down so if you are careful and back away when you hear the bleeping then you should take damage but more than likely survive.


            Lastly increase the delay(bleeping) a very small touch.

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              23. Re: IED's are OP

              The only problem with IED's is when you spawn in a game right next to one, ur dead...
              IN mw3 I don't believe the game would spawn you in next to a claymore or C4, or a betty, and if it did you had a second or 2 of immunity, not so here, players are placing them on spawn points and getting easy kills.

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                24. Re: IED's are OP

                Tell me what else is OP?

                I like to find out about these items that I need to add to my arsenal.


                We all have access to the same features thus nothing is OP.  If you think that one item is better then why are you not simply using it?

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                  25. Re: IED's are OP

                  the things that get me about the IED are probably it's uses in HC mode.


                  as mentioned briefly above Blast Shield does wonders, and even in HC. HC ive seen people blasted with a grenade and 2 IEDs and survive on HC with Blast Shield... then they die cause i see their pansy asses HUNT YOU DOWN MOFO. anyway...


                  IED placement is a little less tactful than the Claymores. see in HC you hear the beep, you're dead... i've escaped once, but just once. i dont really run sit rep or blast shield mostly because im getting a lot better at knowing where they might be and spotting them out.


                  when i say less tactful, i mean you can throw this SOB anywhere, ANYWHERE and get it's proximity to go off beeping and merc anyone near it.


                  easy comparison... the IED reminds me of the Shock Charges in BO2 (except for potency of course)... people throw it in random ass places, and anyone who walks by, even if they're 2 trucks over and up 1 story behind a wall, the IED knows you're ******* there and BOOM, pretty much no matter where this thing was placed there's no chance of countering.


                  whereas with the Claymore, ive ran past them plenty of times setting them off, only because the enemy didn't angle the Claymore correctly around a corner. with the IED there is no strategic structure. look at it this way, throw an IED pretend it's a Hunter Killer Drone, because 9 times out of 10 you're getting a kill or 2+ with it.


                  if they could change it's proximity detonation, and blast radius, it would be a little more manageable in places like HC. it's not an OP Lethal, but it stands out as a problem with overall stability of the game, toss it a little nerf bat, but not too heavy. it needs to kill like C4, but work like a Claymore, i dont need to hear BEEP BEEP BEEP BOOM DEAD and know that when i hear that first beep even if i turn around instantly ill die still because of the blast radius.


                  maybe if not change the blast radius, but change the proximity detonation. give HC players a little more of a chance to counter-act this insta death trap.

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                    26. Re: IED's are OP

                    Or just use sitrep, or just look for the big assed blinking light on it?

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                      27. Re: IED's are OP

                      like i said, i have no problem finding them now, w/o sit rep. it's nice to know you wasted a couple of points for something irrelevant. why should i spend points on something useless. what, so you can see the enemies satcoms...      oooooo special.

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                        28. Re: IED's are OP

                        also, i think you're missing the point.


                        it's not that we should all run sit rep or have our eyes forcefully peeled open to look for blinking lights... it's the simple fact that working as intended is utter BS. the IED has a problem, it's far too potent on certain aspects. every single person playing the game shouldn't be forced to use a perk just to get by. the lethal needs some tweaking to work a little better than just throw it and run the other direction.

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                          29. Re: IED's are OP

                          So with your logic why should people be forced to use 3 points on a a perk just to stop showing up on the mini map. In fact you actually have to use 6 points to stop showing up on the mini map because OTG doesn't work on motion sensors. And that still doesn't stop you appearing on oracle. In fact using 2 points to see lethals seems pretty cheap to me. It should be bumped up to 4. You know things like claymores actually exist and the mini map was made for newbs.

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