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        40. Re: IED's are OP

        I think your just a crying little baby that needs to go cry to mommy. Blast shield perk and you dont have to worry about them. They do beep before exploding and sitrep exposes them. Are you an idiot?



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          41. Re: IED's are OP

          you really should chill bro. and when playing hardcore that beeping is no where near enough time to get out of the way but you are right about blast shield it is very helpful and sit rep is damn near useless its great you can see everything but half the time you cant do crap about them

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            42. Re: IED's are OP

            The problem is that if they nerf it; it becomes useless.

            We don't want to lay down firecrackers.


            So the IED gets some kills; from what I understand that is what it's supposed to do.

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              43. Re: IED's are OP

              exactly but it would be nice if the blast radius was shrank to an actual 4 or  5 ft that would be nice getting killed across a 15ft room by one is a bit ridiculous

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                44. Re: IED's are OP

                False. It doesn't have a 15ft blast radius.

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                  45. Re: IED's are OP

                  false i was killed by one on octane just yesterday in the garage i was coming in the back way and one was set off by a team mate that was put on the crates right by the stairway entrance thats atleast 12 to 15 ft from those crates to the entrance at the back

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                    46. Re: IED's are OP

                    i also play HC though

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                      47. Re: IED's are OP

                      Ahh, there's a blinking light on the top. Use perk to see equipment. Use tactical before rushing in. USE MARATHON AND YOU CAN JUST RUN RIGHT BY BEFORE IT BLOWS UP! I say that in caps because it happens all the time to me. Trust me, I place mine in good spots too. It's the only none streak mine there is in the game. It's not OP IMO. You can't get more from scavenger either.

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                        48. Re: IED's are OP

                        if you read a prior post of mine i normally run with blast shield also marathon does not allow you to run past them in hard core game modes its just unlimited sprinting you are better off going with agility but still cant run past them and if you run sit rep and blast shield its 4 slots filled, sit rep is just 2 but thats cool and all that you can see them but like ive mentioned before sometimes there in places you cant pr detonate them b4 going through so you have to go all the way around the map to get by them. blast shield i think is great and helps a lot but not all the time. and what i posted was about being killed by one from 12-15 ft away that was set off by another team mate (who had blast shield). all i was getting at was making the blast radius a true 4-5 ft.

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                          49. Re: IED's are OP

                          IEDs aren't overpowered end of story their range makes them useless so they go off too soon.

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