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    This was your chance IW...

      To redeem yourself with PC gamers but you didn't take it. You blantantly lied to us about how this will be the best ever COD on PC and how it will have the best post launch support ever. But it isn't the best ever COD on PC and post launch support is non-existent. It's been 5 days now and people are still dealing with the same issues of massive frame drops, random freezes, bad lag, horrible hit detection, huge memory leaks, f*cked up spawns, no FOV slider and no dedicated servers ect ect. And what do you do? You tell us nothing, you stay completely silent. It shows you have absolutely no respect for paying customers. You gave the PC community an alpha release and clearly think it's OK not to mention this. All in the name of the mighty dollar. If you had any sense of honor you would admit your mistakes, talk to us and keep us updated on what your working on. After all the crap you pulled complete transparency could have been your last chance to make up for it all but you didn't take it. Well, guess what IW, a large part of the PC community is done with you and you'll be lucky if you sell 10.000 PC copies two years from now.