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        10. Re: Official Headquarters Poll.

        DalekonDrugs wrote:


        Yes I know the population was low and I know not every liked the chaos of this mode however this mode has been around since call of duty 4 and was and still is a great mode for tactical play you have to work as a team on the objective which is better than hardpoint or I like to call it boostpoint because people abused hardpoint for score on streaks this mode you need to work well as a team to win. I really hope they bring it into the playlist for xbox 360 because with 6v6 needing to go to one objective will make the larger maps more playable please think about it guys headquarters would be awesome in ghosts.

               Okay so all I want you guys is to vote yes or no or you can just post your opinion about the mode or what changes can be made to it.

           I vote YES.


        Just a heads up... petitions and polls are a no-no.


        The thread will just be locked.


        Try making it a discussion about bringing back HQ... why/why not.



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          11. Re: Official Headquarters Poll.

          Thread will be edited but I must say that rule is very bizarre indeed. Edit I now understand the rule fully it is stop spamming etc thank you

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            12. Re: Official Headquarters Discussion.

            Thank you for the information I am a young one I guess

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              13. Re: Official Headquarters Discussion.

              DalekonDrugs wrote:


              Thread will be edited but I must say that rule is very bizarre indeed.


              No worries, brother. Contact one of the mods via PM... Fox, Claire, Ice... they'll explain.

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                14. Re: Official Headquarters Poll.
                we need hq and hardpoint/drop zone back
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                  15. Re: Official Headquarters Poll.

                  The maps being what they are in Ghosts, the spawn locations could be increased and randomized.  I don't think it would be possible or feasible to have the HQ spawn completely at random with no set spawn points: you might end up with floating HQs.  Increasing the number of spawn, and allowing for randomization would mean that you couldn't simply run a fixed pattern on each map.  Eventually we would figure out the spawn locations, but it wouldn't be easy to camp 12 possible locations with a 6 man team.

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                    16. Re: Official Headquarters Poll.
                    get emmm
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                      17. Re: Official Headquarters Poll.

                      Well put.


                      I enjoyed HQ in previous games as well... that was pretty much my only beef with game modes like this. The predictability tends to get to them after a while and takes away from the tactical side. With the Map Dimensions, however, as you stated this may not be as much of an issue as it was on previous CoDs. HQ, for example, I remember as being a lot of fun on WaW because some of those maps were expansive. I didn't enjoy it as much on MW2 because it just got way too predictable.


                      I guess my confusion is the same as everyone else's... why take away so many game modes? MW3 had a wealth of Modes and was arguably one of the least popular games in the series, yet it seemed that every mode had a decent population.


                      Their logic astounds me.

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                        18. Re: Official Headquarters Discussion.

                        Yep it is very bizarre to say the least they need a mode like headquarters and nothing offers anything close to that at present.

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                          19. Re: Official Headquarters Discussion.

                          I am as befuddled as everyone else at this point.  I know that they partnered with Major League Gaming for the Clan Wars mode, which was a mistake in my opinion.  Perhaps MLG also had some influence in modifying and selecting the modes.

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