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        50. Re: NERF THE GD DOGS!!!

        That instance was the worst of them all.  They have always angered me, but i was so suprised that it took two shots.  Some of you do not understand the concept of people coming at you from short angles

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          51. Re: NERF THE GD DOGS!!!

          the guard dog is a killstreak. Quit complaining.

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            52. Re: NERF THE GD DOGS!!!

            sjo74 wrote:


            it´s not supposed to be reallife, hope they never nerf the dogs... it's a killstreak how fun would it be to earn it if you gave the dog 75% health?

            A lot more fun than having 90% of your deaths in a game come from kids camping in corners with dogs and IED's. It's a 5 killstreak. Tell me why it should have absolutely no counter at close range no matter how good you are. If you can't make dogs a good killstreak without making them an overpowered streak that slows down the game for everyone then don't put dogs in the game.

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              53. Re: NERF THE GD DOGS!!!

              Have you tried C4 with danger close=?=

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                54. Re: NERF THE GD DOGS!!!

                so what if u quit? its a company 1 person lost isnt worth it if they can gain 5. personally the dog was main reason i bought the game though i tend to stick to aliens. ive gotten hit markers with the strongest rifle with a chrome barrel when shooting a player in the shoulder. be ready to fire agian if needed as for the dog ya ive put a shot straight between its eyes with my rifle and thing got back up but thats the thing when shot it rolls and it delays it for a second giving you a chance to finish it off

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                  55. Re: NERF THE GD DOGS!!!

                  The only thing that needs to be changed with the dog is it's ability to teleport from 10m away sometimes.  I think this might just be due to lag though...

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                    56. Re: NERF THE GD DOGS!!!

                    the dogs fine, the games mostly fine. the biggest problem with this game is the  people who play it, sitting in corners. i believe in some countries it is against the law to sit in a corner playing with your self lol.

                    if its not it should be. and if your talking op talk about the snipers, hit in the general location you get a kill same in all cods.

                    the hit box is bigger for the kiddies with the sniper rifles.


                    i like the game its mostly fun. if you dont like the dog move about once in a while, its good for you. you wont get cramp in your legs and you wont put on so much weight sitting in corners lol.

                    i am only joking. you dont get many kills with them i think they are ok. although they should take off the boots he wears you can hear him a mile away lol

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                      57. Re: NERF THE GD DOGS!!!

                      Exactly, I unloaded on one of these guys (scout helicopter) last night and never went down.  Shot once my...


                      Back to dogs..If you lower the health on the dog then what's the point?  You completely make it a worthless killstreak.  I really don't have any problems bringing them down and just because one class of weapons has trouble with them isn't cause to nerf them.  They really aren't a great killstreak anyways.


                      Not sure if everyone has the same "Operations" right now but if that's the case there is a dog operation and that's the only reason I'm using it.  Once I complete that, I'm moving on.

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                        58. Re: NERF THE GD DOGS!!!

                        Yes they are, IF you shot a dog with a sniper bullet TO THE FACE, there will be nothing left of the dogs head, but in Ghosts it takes 3, yeah, thats not overpowered

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                          59. Re: NERF THE GD DOGS!!!

                          Score streaks are not overpowered seriously if you can't handle them demand that Infinity Ward add barebones back in and go play that game mode.

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