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    Accidentally joined a modded lobby last night. Is there a way that I can reset my stats/rank?

      Last night I was playing the new game mode blitz online. I was having a lot of fun until I mistakenly joined a modded lobby. The game started as normal until I got a kill then I started ranking up, like really fast. I didn't realize until about the third kill. It would make a ranking up noise every time. Then suddenly I was kicked out of the game and a message on the screen said "F*#! Off." I looked at my rank and I had went from a 16 to a 60 playing with Skubal. This is not how I wanted to enjoy the COD: Ghosts experience. I enjoy the challenge of ranking up on my own.


      Is there anyway to reset my stats back to a 16 or at least back to normal? My gamertag is bucknatty on X Box 360.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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