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    Quick firing a sniper will lead to jams

      I notice I can shoot a bullet then another one in just over a second but trying to shoot it before then will lead to a jam and unable to shoot for about 2-2.5 seconds which is annoying when people spawn like crazy around you with auto firing guns. I base this off the L115 and USR as these are the only snipers I have used so far,

      Its not just the snipers I found this on, some over single shot weapons too like 44. Magnum and some shotguns.


      This needs to be patched as its annoying as hell when 3-4 enemies spawn near me at once


      And don't reply its to stop quickscopers, If they wanted to removed QS they could have.

      they have changed about 90% of the engine but they added it to the new engine because its just as a part of Call of Duty as run and gunning, camping, drop/jump shotting and hardscoping.