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    CoD Ghosts Clan problems

      So, yesterday i created a clan using the Create Clan option in the Barracks. Then a friend of mine invited me for his clan. So i accepted his clan invitation, And when i got to the App. It says im in the clan, but when i try to leave the clan. It says "Youre not in this clan" but i can see myself in the clan roster! And now if i try to use the Create Clan in the barracks again, it says Congratz you are now the Commander of this clan. But nothing changes. I can keep on spaming the Create clan option. Without even getting into the clan :S. But what's worse. That i cant use the "Use clan tag"option because it again says "youre not in a clan. Is there anyway i can fix this, so i can use the Clans clan tag??

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          Or is there like a different forum i can check out. Which may have some usefull information?

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            i have the same prob dude  I made someone else clan leader and then i was out of the clan ?  When they invited me back i couldn't see anything more from my clan because clan details where locked. On the app im still in the clan roster but on my xbox 360 im not.   They messed this up BIGTIME !

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              my friend had this same problem, in apps he's in clan roster but in game when i look on the clan page he's not in clan mate list, and he cant set special clantag, please fix this

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                I Might found a solution. What you need to do is to go to your mobile app and leave everything that you have your own clan and someone else clan. After that hit the bottom lower menu thing and hit Find & join clan. Go and find your friends clan and join then everything else should be good to go. All your locks should go away. Let me know if this works. It works for me at least

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                  Here's what I found out. The app and the console don't sync very well. You need to:

                  1. Have your friend kick you from their clan (ON THE APP)
                  2. Sign out/sign back in (ON CONSOLE)
                  3. Go to Clan Details (ON CONSOLE) (Should be in your old clan again)
                  4. Go to Clan Roster (ON CONSOLE)
                  5. Select yourself (ON CONSOLE)
                  6. Select "Leave Clan" (ON CONSOLE) (You should no longer see Clan Details enabled on the barracks screen)
                  7. Have your friend reinvite you to their clan (APP OR CONSOLE)


                  I've come up with these steps over a series of days trying to fix my own account and clans. It worked for me and fundamentally should work for you. Let me know if it works for you. Thanks!

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                    hey man my stuff in clan is messed up i can not put my clan tag on and when i go to my clan in game it says u can only see this by creating a clan. but i am the commander of the clan if you find out any thing tell me