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    solution for multiplayer RAM problem, but directx bug

      With this link you can avoid the RAM problem, but i get a directx error while I have directx 11. Does anybody know the answer?

      http://www.mpgh.net/forum/723-call-duty-ghosts-hacks-cheats/758065-master131s-gh osts-ram-fix-v1-1-a.html

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          My mate has the same problem and is losing hope!.. he has been able to run every game thrown at his pc with 4gb ram and his gpu! he seen no need for an upgrade yet, now call of duty have asked for 6gb ram and direct x 11.. dunno if there trying to look good to other games, but ghost only requires 1.8 gb of ram in game and xbox 360 is directx 9, so i am guessing its been ported to pc but has been locked to direct x 11.. so hopefully for your sake and my mates they see all the complaints and rethink there mistake as they will lose loads of custom over this as there games aren't cheap and a lot of people have purchased and are unable to play!

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            THE MASTER OF WARS

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