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    Impressions of the game/bugs I have expirenced PLZ READ

      I must say I am enjoying Call of duty ghosts. Its a drastic change from black ops 2, slower pace, bigger maps, but I have gotten used to it and now I prefer it over black ops 2. I love the guns, the perk system, the graphics, the kill streaks, its a great game. The wiimote controls are great too btw. But what is perhaps the most frustrating thing about this game is the many bugs that are present on it. It really affects my experience. Now I know there is a official post for all bugs but I'm going to mention the ones I don't see on the list that MUST be addressed.


      1. Disconnections- Now mind you, I have a 50mb download and a 5mb upload, so my disconnections have NOTHING to do with my internet connection. While I'm playing in a match I sometimes get randomly disconnected and I get a lost connection to host error. It doesn't happen often but it happens enough to where its a huge problem because there are matches you are doing amazing on and you get disconnected. There's even times where I'm in a party and we ALL get disconnected at the same time and we get the same error. I've tried letting my other friends host the party and we still all get disconnected. To further show this is not my connection related, they get disconnected from matches when i'm NOT in the party. This is a huge issue and I really hope Trey U and the other developers take this seriously because it really affects me and all of my friends experience.


      2. Game Freezes- This is a second issue that I am shocked is not on the list. I talk to almost everyone I come across in the game lobbies and they too experience game freezes. I would also like to note that all of my friends experience it too. Now mind you the game freezes happen every now and then but its very frustrating. So far I've had it happen 5 times since release. 3 times during a match. And twice in the menus. When the game freezes you hear a loud buzzing sound and you have to hold the power button for 5 seconds for it to power off. I think the freezing might be frame rate related, but again it has happened to me twice in the lobby/menus.


      These are the two main bugs I didn't see on the list I wanted to address, PLZ comment and tell me if you have the same issue so we can bring this to the developers attention for the next patch.