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    TEx Crew Level 10 Ghosts, Level 50 BO2, Level 50 MW3 looking for new members

      Hello. We are TEx Crew (http://www.TExCrew.org) and we are looking forward to recruit new members to our clan and also to help us in levelling up the clan.  If you are into playing with your party then we wouldn't mind recruiting your entire party or friends as long as they are good. Open for Playstation, Xbox and PC users. Contact leader on twitter @HawkJizbel or comment below if you are interested.

      Have acquired Clan Ops Championship Badges in the past. Ranked top 10 in All-Time Leaderboards.


      We also reward Most Valuable Players (MVP) every season with PSN or Xbox points or Steam card depending on their platform.

      In the meantime, do check out our Social Media websites

      Website: http://www.TExCrew.org

      Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/TExCr3w

      Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TExCr3w

      Looking for 30 to 40 members. We are also up for merging clans.


      Join us now.