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    LEAN accepting applications

      SO CAL BASED CLAN. I am looking to for one person to lead my troops. be my GENERAL. this one person will be Commander of LEAN I am not giving up I just need someone that plays more consistantly and hopefully is just all around better at the game than myself. and can recruit other players to the clan. I was reading my stats. And honestly I don't think I would join my clan if I was not well..... the founder!!! so upon finding this person I will hand over the title of Commander but not Ownership. the Name means to much to me on a personal level. 


      looking for members of all skill levels. I am looking for 3 co-commanders also 1 per platform. I don't judge because I am not a great player. I have been a clan of 1 for 3 years but I need friends to get anywhere this year. top player on each platform will be made LT Commander

      A little about me and my clan

      ME: ktow18pat is my PSN and XBOX live names. I am only on PSN with COD GHOST. my real name is PAT. I am older than your normal COD player I have a fulltime job and I try to fit in as much COD as I possibly can. I play for fun for the most part but winning is fun. I would really like to take my clan to a new level this year. I made it to clan level  13 in MW3 and level 7 in BO2 by myself. if you look at my current clan roster it shows 5 members. they are my Niece, my Son, my Best friend, and the newest member my brother then myself I am the only real active Player. as you can tell by their profiles. so I need Players that will/can play. I play mostly Monday night (all night). Tuesday and Wednesday Mornings from around 8 am till noon when I can. sometimes tuesday and wednesday evenings until around 5pm. Thursday i play on and off all day between "HONEYDO"S sometimes until early friday morning (5 or 6 am)  SLEEP till around noon and repeat Thursdays pattern Saturday and Sundays are after work 8 or 9 till midnight if I can pry the controller from the others. I am looking to upgrade to the PS4 AND XBOX ONE sometime this year but that also may not happen till next year. I will be buying GHOST for the XBOX 360 at sometime.


      PSN - ktow18pat send me a friend request with the subject GHOST CLAN LEAN.

      XBOX LIVE - ktow18pat - send me a friend request with the subject GHOST CLAN LEAN


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