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    Poor map design and spawn systems lead to a poor  gameplay experience

      Ok, ill just jump right into this. This game has some of the worst map design in the whole cod Franchise. Between a combination of poor spawn systems, no "intuitive" flow of traffic (by this i mean knowing where gunfights are most-likely to occur), or poor multi-level gameplay this leads to one of the most frusterating and fun gameplay experiences in the franchise.

           To begin on the poor spawn system. The spawns are unbelievably bad. They tried to to do/use a MW3 esche spawn system to make the maps feel smaller but they failed horribly. Often times in this game i find myself dieing 2-3 times whenever i die because it'll constantly put me near enemies that have clear line of sight to wear i spawned.(i.e. i spawn walk around a corner and am shot.) these spawn problems can most notably be observed on maps like Stormfront and Stonehaven. The maps in this game i that i feel are best designed for call of duty are Strikezone, Octane, and Prisonbreak. What do all 3 of these maps have in common you may ask?

           This flows very nicely into the traffic flow part of my argument. All 3 of the maps mentioned above are essiantally a "3" lane map being side-middle-side where many battles will appear in the middle of these maps. However all of these maps have some sense of "middle" as well. Many maps in this game are so large that it leaves many places where small gunfights can occur. This however is not a good thing because there is no real traffic flow to these maps. For example on Stonehaven there is no real place where people will gather because it is clearly the best spot. This leads to long uneventful games.

           My last point if the poor integration of multi-level maps that dont fight in the series at all. When i think of maps that have this problem are: Siege, Sovereign, and chasm. You could argue that chasm is a somewhat "3" lane map but that is overshadowed but the use of like 5 different levels that fights can occur on. Because of the multi-levelness of these maps it is no longer "check your corner" anymore its "check up, down, left, and right." This however may not be bad a thing but that way it was implemented was very poorly done. On to the moor specific examples of this i would say Siege is by far the biggest offender for this problem. The map is far too large, there are too many buildings, there is no intuitive flow of traffic, and there are random multi-level builds just for the sake of it? All this stuff (buildings specifically) does it promote camping and lead to incredibly long drawn out boring games.

           All in all i want this game to be as good as it can be but with the way most maps are currently it leaves me with a very bitter experience.

      P.S. if asked i can go into greater detail about what problems i mentioned if asked because i feel i was vague for the sake of time.