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    Quick scoping is even worse!!!

      I have to say that Ghosts, by far, has the worst quick scoping mechanics EVER!!!! Now you don't even have to be aiming at a enemy. Multiple times I've seen a final kill cam where a sniper is either aiming WAY behind or above someone, and somehow it hits and kills. Don't get me wrong, I do it, but seriously this is making people rage and quit for good. I do see serious potential for this game but this definitely needs to be addressed. Quick scoping was supposed to be taken out of this game, what happened? It's completely out of hand. I see people that don't even use sniper rifles using them now because of this. It now takes NO SKILL what so ever to quick scope. Another thing I noticed is you can still shot even when reloading. I'm no rocket scientist, but I know that only one shots in the chamber when reloading. Once the clip is removed another needs to be inserted to fire multiple shots. I've been killed several times thinking I have the edge when the enemy's reloading. Bringing back some old play modes would help get this games head out of the water. Other then this two issues this game is great. It's the people that are going to be playing the game you need to make happy. 

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