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    war against hackers, and a few points.

      So when will the war against hackers begin?


      The hack to 10th prestige or any prestige/patch's ect.. couldn't care less about those, these don't effect my game-play at all. Just check the leaderboards for these, some have played the game for 1000days+ and still holding the top places on the leaderboard???

      But the hacks where people have all perks active at once, and are clearly using aim-bots, they are running around just hip-fire from 1 side of the map to the other and get 3 kills!


      Over the weekend i seem to be falling into lobbies more and more with these people in there, originally was 1 before weekend. Over the weekend ive come across 10 at least.


      Groundwar needs to come back with the map sizes, maps are too big for 12 people max. Demolition is a must need! great game mode for clans and friends to play. Operation xp is weak! 500xp for completing a challenge, and they dont stack either, get 350 kills with a silencer, then need to get another 500 to complete the next one. The SPAWNS!!! well these are terrible, if you took out demolition because of spawn banging... all you did was put it in every game mode.... but 100 times worse!!

      please listen and think about these suggestions, and start the war on hackers today!