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    Help Please

      I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed that even when Aim Assist is turned off in solo, and there is no option in MP VIA Options to turn On/Off.

      that the gun at times still tracks and its not on taget either its about a foot either side of the tango.

      (and its a battle to line up once it does this because the track is trying to keep lock on its idea of where the target is)


      Note i want it OFF if there is an option, i have never rolled knowingly with it on i find it hinders more than helps, plus i look at it as a slight cheat so would never use it for that reason alone.


      Anyhow its possibly one of the only things at present that is annoying me, and i would like to try and resolve this to maximise my game play.


      If anyone is clued up on this i would much appreciate your support thankyou in advance...

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