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    MW3 hit detection would be PERFECT for Ghosts

      Let me first start out by saying I really love this game.  Does it have some issues?  Yes of course it does.  Every FPS game has issues when it's first released.  The maps are a tad too big but I've adapted to them.  The spawns are pretty bad but that will get better as they release some patches.  And last but not least the hit detection.  YES you die very fast.  It does get frustrating sometimes but I'm adapting to that also.  I would rather die fast then shoot someone in the back with an assault rifle only to have them turn around and shoot me with a pistol and kill me like in Black Ops 2.  Black Ops 2 had the worst hit detection of all Call of Duty games.  I think Modern Warfare 3 had the best hit detection.  When you shoot someone they dont die fast but they dont take a lot of bullets to kill them.   You also have a chance to return fire or throw c4 at the enemy shooting at you.  At this point with ghosts I don't even use tactical or lethals because you die before you're able to use them.