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    Hardcore Game Style

      Hello everyone,

      This is my first post here on the Call of Duty forums and I just have a few thoughts and would like to hear your responses.


      First, I have always played hardcore dating back to World at War. I believe that the game is more catered to the core players, which is fine (I like the HUD being hidden, realistic damage) but will they have hardcore for clan wars? The idea of clan matches and clan wars is such a cool idea but would really like to see a hardcore style.


      All of my friends play hardcore with me. We recently started a clan called the Dixie Coalition (hit us up if you like to play hardcore) and would like to jump into the clan scene.


      Related to the other posts I believe this game is just as fun as all the other releases. Maps are perfect (aside from Siege =))


      Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts.



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          Re: Hardcore Game Style

          Not to jump in hot but... Are you telling me clan matches are in core mode only ?


          Because if so thats going to be a major blow to what i thought was an amazing game so far...


          I only play Hardcore, and that was something else about B.O that narked me to teh back teeth like many others i payed good money to play the game, and when i want to play the new maps season pass wise or how ever you aquired them.


          You should be able to in any mode.. YET B.O catered for core (New packs were playable in core with no old maps to interupt) but those who wanted HC got left for dead and if no one bought the packs and they werent intergrated into the playlist so to speak we had to go without.

          So not only dissapointing part of the community and cutting them of but potentialy ripping us off cause we were practicaly paying for something we couldnt use.


          I think i made my point when i say if its good for one it should be equally as good for the other.

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              Re: Hardcore Game Style

              I agree Sliktrax. I like how it is easier to die/get kills in hardcore but my favorite part about it is not having the HUD.  As of right now I believe there is not hardcore for clan matches. Although I hear that core has less health than previous releases but they still have the HUD.  I'm hoping that Clan Wars will have different playlists than clan matches. We will find out on the 25th.

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              Re: Hardcore Game Style

              Bump for more thoughts please

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                Re: Hardcore Game Style

                Yeah that will blow, Me and my clan all we play is hardcore, it just floors me to have to shoot someone 10 times before they go down. COD wants the game now to be more realistic how realistic is core? Hardcore players should be able to have all the clan games also. Hell my clan never advances in clan xp now because they don't have many all game modes on the elite. Call us core snobs but we refuse to play core.

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                    Re: Hardcore Game Style

                    I refuse to play core as well. I figured by now that they would the same game modes for hardcore as core. Really is the only thing I am disappointed in regarding Ghosts. Who knows, maybe clan wars will include hardcore.

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