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    Maps are too large, campers everywhere.

      I think it has been said over and over since the release of the game but if we are a lot of people complaining about it maybe they will do something about it.


      Maps are too large: Don't get me wrong, I like big maps, but not when we are barely 12 players in the game! If I wanna run around for 10 mins, heck I will go outside and do my jogging! Is there a way that you guys can make a patch so that it increases the max player limit to 20 maybe?!


      Maps too large = Campers: You probably noticed it, since the maps are wayyyyy too big for the number of people in a game, people tend to stay in corners and just wait for a nice clean shot to gangbang your ass! Well it just sucks, as I read on another forum you guys can probably do something about it like showing us on the map where this person is, or kick them from the game if they haven't moved from a certain perimeter on the map. I don't know the exact solution but there has to be one!


      No player volume configuration: In past COD games we were able to configure the volume of people with headsets, seems like this option is gone and the default maximum sound is pretty low. Could this be fixed?


      Every year we invest 60$ on your game (+ map packs) to get a repackaged version with some minor changes. I think it's time you guys step your game up just a little bit, your development time is probably more than adequate to fix all of this.


      Thank your for your dedication!

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          1. Re: Maps are too large, campers everywhere.

          the only map that is too big is siege apart from that for me its ok, i like to explore i dont wanna run run run run run 24/7 that bores me sometimes i like to be tactical and stealth sometimes, i run and play tactical people may think this is camping but come back when you know what camping is, camping is sometimes sitting in a little corner of the map, tactical can be holding down building etc etc, the smaller the maps the more boring the maps get

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            2. Re: Maps are too large, campers everywhere.

            so if I decide to snipe on a map I a spot does that make me a camper because that's what snipers do.....not run around quick scoping people.

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              3. Re: Maps are too large, campers everywhere.

              Camping is apart of online multiplayer gaming genius. There is not one online game on any platform where users don't camp!  Just deal with it and stop crying. It's as if you would like all your opponents to have a giant white flag above their character and just sit in front of you so you may get kills! Get some skill and change the way you play! I like to run and gun myself! But with all the campers I simply slowed my pace and do just fine. Everyone paid 60$ for their game and have the right to play it in anyway they choose. So.. STOP CRYING or STOP PLAYING

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                4. Re: Maps are too large, campers everywhere.

                If they are unable to 9v9 (Ground War), I hardly believe they can 10v10.


                If everyone is camping, then no one would be getting kills.

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                  5. Re: Maps are too large, campers everywhere.

                  If you're a sniper, that makes sense. If not then I think you should move around the map, not like a chicken that just lost its head but staying in a corner for 10 minutes, makes you a camper son.


                  I think the majority of the maps are way too large for the number of players (12), they should try to do like Battlefield for instance and put more people in each game. That would make more sense in my opinion!

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                    6. Re: Re: Maps are too large, campers everywhere.

                    for one...don't call me son you imbecile and wind your neck in and stop moaning about a GAME and what people do in it,just deal with it cos it's gonna happen and move on. God your so sad

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                      7. Re: Maps are too large, campers everywhere.

                      I have to wonder (and this is purely speculation with absolutely no inside information) if they are waiting until the dedi's are up and running to bring back GW.  In the last couple of titles the lag swings were epic in GW which may be why it got axed but I'd have to think that with a dedi hosting that the lag would be vastly improved.  Of course it may just be that they pulled it and a few of the other traditional playlists to consolidate the player base and therefore improve the odds for having a better connection based gameplay than what we've grown accustomed to.  If that's the case they may not bring it back.

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                        8. Re: Maps are too large, campers everywhere.

                        compared to BO2 the maps are small, besides maybe whiteout and stonehenge.

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                          9. Re: Maps are too large, campers everywhere.

                          What's wrong with being a camper? If someone pays $60 to sit in a corner and watch one direction, who are you to say how they should play?


                          Now here, I am going to really blow your mind:


                          Not every camper is a camper! I know, insanity, right?! You don't know if they knew you were coming. They could have heard your footsteps. Maybe they are using cover. Perhaps they are changing their style up to better suit what is going on in the game. Maybe they are changing classes. Maybe they are on the phone. Maybe they just spawned.


                          If you know an enemy is coming, if you jump in the pathway so that the enemy can see you so he can shoot you, just so he doesn't hurt your feelings and call you a camper, you are not going to do very well. Not everyone has to be in the middle to be seen. Get over yourself and adapt. If campers suck, you should have no problem with them.

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