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    Can we get Infection from MW3..


      WOW Talk about a total about face from what i would have expected! I never thought that Infection in Ghost's would be designed the way it has. No random cycle of weapons and no Specialist streaks. All this game gives you is a Bulldog shotgun, 1 bettie and a flashbang.


      A few tweaks would make this game mode ever popular. As for what to add in the game mode that would make it fun...I have no idea. Maybe a SMG class, Sniper class, Assault rifle class, something akimbo'd....More or less ANYTHING to mix it up a little.

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          if you put in more classes, think of the maps, the camping plots, and "strategies" of players. Now add classes with spray/camp/instakill weps to destroy zombis that already die in a few shots…no… This game is fine the way it is, it promotes strategy and teamwork, not camp central. Scavanger might be a good plus for zombis to get knives back, but otherwise no changes. spec streaks would be fairly useless as the maps are already large, why make it EASIER to get away from the zombis, what would the fun in that be?

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            I agree with ArchmageZweii, However on the specialist side, maybe give specialist to the last man standing? i mean, your already outnumbered 11 to 1, and with only 6 shots before needing to reload, a few extra perks couldn't hurt.