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    If this game DID NOT have Call of Duty attached to it...

      Do you think it would be getting even WORSE reviews by the people who ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME?


      In all honesty I was not expecting very much at all as IW has ALWAYS been the worse developer (barring COD4). I got anxiously optimistic when I was seeing gameplay because the maps looked like they had taken cues from Treyarch and not used the drap medium to dark color scheme of MW2, and MW3. All the colors in those games looked "washed out" and enemies could EASILY blend in. I was liking what I saw, and then I got it home.


      GOOD LORD, I need a freaking pedometer on all but MAYBE 2-3 maps to see how far I really run. These maps are just HORRIBLE and have WAY TOO MANY levels along with WAY TOO MANY paths. You can take 2 really good teams, and if they play tactically they may not even see each other for a good 2-3 minutes before ANYTHING happens.


      The operations idea is HORRIBLE. Why would the things you do NOT count towards the overall progress of whatever it is you are trying for? What if I get a new batch of operations and 90% of them are for things I will NEVER use, or for modes I will NEVER play? STUPID IDEA


      HC has taken a step backwards AGAIN from Treyarch. The removal of the spawn timer, and NO RICOCHET sped up ALL modes in HC to the point where they were just as fast as core. In this game I have played around 100 or so HCTDM matches and all but maybe 5 have ended with the time running out. This is due to 2 factors respawn timer and map size. The EXACT OPPOSITE was in BO2. Going back through my recent game of HCTDM (around 50 or so) the average time for a match was 5 minutes and 45 seconds. That is nearly HALF the time it takes to reach the SAME SCORE in GHOSTS


      Now with all the complaining that people have already done with this game, if Call of Duty wasn't on the cover, would it suffer the same fate as less popular games? I would probably say that if it wasn't for the COD name this game would be getting TORCHED by even more gamers and reviewers alike

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          Re: If this game DID NOT have Call of Duty attached to it...

          Agreed….too many COD fanboys to actually be objective about the game…just hoping the rumours that the One version will support more players are true. As it is right now the map size is way too big for 6 players per team, I highly doubt anything will change though, the brand just sells to well and advertises too well to not be successful from a market share perspective but this is the last edition I will ever buy early from them.

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