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    They finally got it right: Map Design

      I feel like I've been shouting this since MW3, Map Design has been a big element in CoD for a number of obvious reasons as it dictates the flow and pace of the game as well opening up diversity and class options. In MW3 arguably there maybe only a small handful of maps where you could snipe but in all honesty sniping was just bad in general because of map design....even big maps were cluttered. As we moved into Black Ops 2...same thing maps were too cluttered and the sight lines were pretty gosh darn minuscule.


      In call of duty Ghosts maps design in my eyes is perfect. I've been enjoying sniping and long rage gun fights and I honestly love how you have a general balance of big, medium and small. Maps like Strikezone and Octane are small whereas maps like tremor. prison break, freight tend to be medium while you have big maps like siege and whiteout and stonehaven. (I know I haven't mentioned a lot of the maps but it gives you a picture).


      I have used a vairety of classes and will confess that the balance seems perfect...I can run and gun or camp or play more tactful. It took a long time but honestly the balance is here.


      Overall map design equality is back and I'm happy about this.