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    Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

      First off, this isn't a qq'ing thread  talking about how every gun in this game is over-powered, Instead, I'm going to be listing off weapons/perks/pointstreaks that need either a buff or a nerf from a realistic POV, as well as some balancing for both you and the enemy.


      Let's start with the nerfs:

      MSBS - Just too damned over-powered. This is the Type-95 from MW# before they nerfed it. Unstoppable.

      Remington R5 - High damage, long range, and almost no re-coil. Add some recoil and you have a balanced gun.

      MTAR-X - Again, it's the Remington of SMG's just with a faster RoF and a little less range. Itt either needs a slight damage reduction or RoF decrease.

      Chain SAW - Just overused due to it's minigun style. Spread the crosshairs out, lower the accuracy from hip-fire

      Canister Bombs - Not really tun into these. They just out-compete the frag grenade.

      IED - This thing is a camper's best friend. It's pretty much invisible due to it's size, and its damage and blast radius are just way too high!


      Now, lets get this very small buff list:

      CBJ-MS - This gun is just not viable in any situation. It needs some sort of damage buff or RoF buff, otherwise it's just wasted space.

      Bulldog - Another case of shotgun that is deadly point blank, but useless anywhere else. Needs a range increase.


      Like I said, small  list. Now, onto the balancing. These consist of slight buffs and nerfs to certain weapons/streaks to help balance them for the user and the enemy:

      Guard Dog - For such a small point pointstreak,  this thing is deadly on small maps. With its huge health and speed, if it's running at you, you're dead. Lower the health but give it health regen.

      Maniac - Same as the Guard Dog; lower health, give it health regen

      Juggernaut - Raise it to an 11 pointstreak. Remember, this thing was a 15 in MW3!


      Now, there are other things that I haven't seen or tried yet that might be over-powered, but this is so-far from my observations after 6 days of playing this game.



      Also IW, please take out the K.E.M. Strike from care packages. There is one EVERY game on Strikezone. It's annoying AF

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          Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

          Use the bulldog with a muzzle break.


          Then tell me it needs a buff lol. That thing is a beast.


          MSBS - I agree.


          MTAR - Try using it before you complain. Thing struggles at range. Good, balanced weapon.


          Chainsaw - it's a classic LMG; great at range, good fire rate, but struggles up close.

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              Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

              I have used the MTAR-X. It's op as shitttttttt, but I cant use it

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                  Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                  It's really OP. Every time I use it, it's easy mode.

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                      Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                      Really, because it and handles differently than the other smg's and its accuracy suffers from the same thing some other weapons do: the stats say one thing, the gun simply cannot live up to what the stats claim. The MTAR, in my opinion, can be an easy mode weapon if you can get around its low range and deplorable accuracy situation, but I think these things balance it out so that most people I've seen using it against me can't hit the broad side of a building directly at my posterior. It feels like whenever I come up against most MTAR runners they're like kids hyped up on sugar handling super-soakers spraying everything in sight in the hopes someone will die.


                      Now the MSBS could use a bit of a damage nerf for the sake of Core modes, it deals sniper damage which seems woefully unfair considering its handling and even its hip-fire probability.


                      I don't play Core all that often, but that gun is literally what the Type-95 was to Core players, so I feel bad for people there...

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                    Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                    The chainsaw needs a shotgun attachment like the rest of the ar and lmg

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                    Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                    I agree with the MSBS it needs a higher aim time if it's going to be like a marksman rifle and it needs a range nerf as well and fire rate nerf as well. The MTAR-X is nothing compared to the K7. The Chainsaw actually struggles compared to most guns so it doesn't need a nerf unless it get's a 100 round increase in the clip. The Remington and AK-12 need a damage nerf or really high recoil because they are both 2 shot kill. The Canister Bomb and IED are fine they balance out the game when in terms of camping and rushing the IED only blows up as you get near it and the Canister Bomb can't be thrown as far and has less time to reach the target. As for the Bulldog we don't need another Striker incident. The shotguns only need a damage buff. You forgot the Honey Badger it's a 3 hit kill with low recoil and high rate of fire so it needs to be nerfed because it's out gunning long ranged guns and close range guns and the other assault rifles. The K7 needs a fire rate nerf if it's going to be 3 hit kill. The Score Streaks are fine if their health is any lower they would be useless.

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                      Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                      Jugg is a bad kill streak, you cannot aim with the mini gun. A good player will take cover behind a rock or something and drop you in a clip of well places bullets. The one in Mw3 had the M60, high damage, long range and the ability to ADS the M60 in Mw3 is and will always be my favorite gun in any Cod game ever.  Ever notice how when you play against a lobby of noobs your jugg from Loki will get like 12 kills and still survive the match? When playing against good players mine normally doesn't get a kill let alone survive long enough for a Rod to hit the ground and kill its attackers.

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                        Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                        you guys need to stop crying about every little thing. i swear that this community is the worst. you guys ruin the game. i see no one complaining about the spawns, the only bad thing about this game. also stop complaining about the MSBS because u get killed in one burst. it takes aiming skills to do good with that gun, but no one complaints about the marksmen riffles. you get killed in one bullet to the head, and two bullets to the body. now imagine that with a trigger finger, but no one complaints about that. now stop complaining because i find the game and the guns pretty balanced, and you can use any gun and do good. now stop ruining the game and learn how to play it and you will have fun.

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                          Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                          You do realise you cannot ADS with the Chain SAW, right?

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                            Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                            I hesitate saying it, because I think most of the issues are due to the server issues, but assault rifles in general need an overhaul. They've replaced hipfired SMGs from BO2.

                            No assault rifle will spray accurately at the distances they do in this game.

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                              Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                              some of the SMGs need buffing (not including the mtar-x and vector) because this game is all assault rifles due to map size and the only way to fix that is buffing the SMGs. also the IED is better than the IMS because it is less visible and just as powerful. 

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                                Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                                I think if they ever roll out dedicated servers we might actually see how these guns really perform. With the lag comp you will die before you see bullets coming out of weapons and it will feel like guns kill in 1-2 shots but in actuality the first 1.5 seconds on every individual gun battle simply only exist on 1 players screen and that is typically the one that wins the gunfight while the other person has their jaw in their lap trying to figure out how they died that fast and tries to aim faster to adjust for the lag compensation or simply just camps.


                                Personally the Panic knife is the only thing that SHOULD nerf right off the bat regardless of lag comp or not. I wish for knife kills to be 2 hits in the front  or 1 in the back .


                                Assault killstreaks are worthless unless you want to watch a battle hind fly around the map 5 times then leave and not giving at least a single kill. I called in 2 in a few matches and I swear its frustrating but if it gave 3-4 or 5 kills then I would say I am fine with that.

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                                    Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                                    Quick overview on assault streaks:


                                    SATCOM- Okay, it helps the team out

                                    Doggie- Really good, picks up the kills very fast

                                    IMS- Great camping or defending device

                                    Sentry- Really good at defending and camping

                                    Trinity Rocket- Straightforward killing power if used right

                                    Battle Hind- Unreliable floating trash that sometimes gets kills

                                    Vulture- Odd phallic shape that either does nothing or beasts the enemies

                                    Gryphon- Flying fortress of doom that is great in the right hands

                                    Maniac- Fun and stealthy jugg

                                    Juggernaut- It takes practice, but it's still good

                                    Helo Pilot- Great killing power and easy to use

                                    Loki- Takes lots of practice, but gets tons of kills and gives you a free teammate


                                    Assault killstreaks are great, not worthless unless you use them improperly or play on the wrong maps (*cough*chasm*cough*)

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                                    Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                                    the jugg may have been 15 previously but back then each time you capped you got a point for it
                                    assault rifles are meant to have a longer range with better accuracy then say a sub and they also take a bit longer to ads
                                    the chainsaw suffers greatly already due to its low damage. take someone out from 15 meters away and see how much ammo you have left after that
                                    wouldnt matter how much damage the ied has, its triggers by proximity
                                    i agree and disagree on the bulldog. depends how bit the map is. imagine better range on strikezone. it would dominate. its more of an accuracy issue if you ask me
                                    kem on strikezone i agree, it makes the map ugly when its been launched
                                    sorry mate no disrespect but after 6 days you cant rrally have had enough experience to make a very large list of issues and most things are situational eg guard dog from 20 meters away can be killed quite easy


                                    do you guys use assault rifles or do you just get killed alot by them. im going to say its prob the later. a sub has crap range because of its high damage/fire rate. if thats what your comparing it to then thats wrong, as an assault is meant for accuracy and its damage drops off sharply at range


                                    might not sound like it but i mean no offense


                                    if everything gets nurfed  then you might as well have only one gun/ gun type in the game as they will all have the same damage, accuracy, range and fire rate

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                                      Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                                      Snipers need a buff,


                                      It's unfair that 2 perks were nerfed. . but only for one weapon type, the idle sway is ridiculous for a weapon that is supposed to be accurate and it is far to easy for them to be out gunned from even long ranges. the hit boxes are unbelievably inconsistent, an MTAR can kill me across the map through a 2ft thick concrete wall, but a sniper gets a hit marker through a plank of wood. in this game sniper hitmarker=dead.


                                      SMG's need a decrease in ADS and hip fire from sprint time, both SMG's and AR's need an increased hip fire spread. . . I've been killed far too many times by people spray hip firing me from mid ranges in the first 3 shots. SMG's should have no muzzle break, its an OP attachment that turns them into uber AR's and has no drawbacks unlike the snipers massive idle sway increase with chrome barrel. in terms of game balance It should not be possible to get a 2 shot kill in the legs. reg guns should also receive accuracy penalties for jumping and dropping.


                                      Knifing needs to be sorted out, when someone lunges at you they become invincible and panic knifing has become rampant.


                                      Sound whoring needs a whole rework, when I play against teams who are running dead silence and amplify 9/10 we lose the  game massively, they constantly know exactly where everyone is at all times, it is basically the god perk combination and is completely uncounterable.


                                      However, I think making the game work in fundamental ways would be more beneficial then weapon balance as I think most of the time people mistake poor weapon over/under balance when it is the way the game works that has the biggest impact.


                                      Spawns: Im not saying we should go back to the spawn trapping days, but I'm more then sick of facing 3 enemies only to have a guy spawn right behind me and kill me. I'm sick of travelling round the map constantly spawning in front of enemies as if the game has decided Im playing too well so it decides to give the enemy some free kills on me. Being killed is part of the game and I don't mind it, but being killed from places where I shouldn't have is plain unfair.


                                      Lag/matchmaking/lag comp: this game just feels very poor in this area, to an extent I feel like the game is programmed to handicap players who are doing better than others. I don't like how all deaths feel completely instant, it seems to take a lot longer to kill people than it does to be killed, I don't know if its my connection (its usually quite good) or what, it just feels like the game decides who gets the kill and not my playing. I miss the feel of BO2 where if I was being fired at I had a little chance to turn on them and win the gunfight, it separated the good players from the bad ones. I feel like ghosts was made to make noobs feel like MLG gods, IMO skill should be rewarded. Most of all im sick of walking round a corner getting hit by a shot so I move back into cover. . .2 seconds later, I'm dead to the same guy spraying through a thick concrete wall. bullet penetration appears to be really really messed up in this game.


                                      . . . on second thoughts maybe it's time to scrap Cod

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                                          Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                                          agree on the hip fire spray thing


                                          no offense mate but if snipers used them as snipers and not as shot guns, so many people wouldnt have complained about it.


                                          smgs are ridiculous with fire rate and accuracy/ speed etc. they should pick one and stick to it rather then being able to have all these qualities. drop shoting and jumping on my head like they wanna get nasty with me is getting old.


                                          i reckon if a sub or assault doesnt have a sight equipped then it shouldnt have such range

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                                              Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                                              No worries, I love offensive sniping, don't do it cause I think its easy, op or w/e just cause I really really love doing it (also like to win the obj). Obviously I wish it hadn't been nerfed, but I like the increased challenge and I understand why they did it so I'm not going to cry about it. Nice to know you agree with me on other things though

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                                                  Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                                                  I don't think knifing needs to be nerfed, because if your knife is clicking the right stick, then it's very easy to get to.  I get annoyed when I get knifed, but other people get annoyed when I drop-shot them.  It's all about what button settings you use.  Default for knifing, Tactical for drop-shotting.


                                                  And yes, I enjoy the satisfaction of seeing people rage when I quickscope them.

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                                              Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                                              Wow, you have only played 6 days and you think you are an expert in game design,,, i like that.!!!!!!

                                              Where do i start, i have 24 days actual game play and i dont agree with much of what you have said. Most of the issues are to do with match making and your internet connection, the MSBS has already been already been modified but with my connection it is now useless, the Remington does have range and it does have recoil leave it be, MTAR X is fine the way it is, you would be stupid to use a chainsaw LMG, it’s a gimmick leave it at that, Canister Bombs -what about them, their crap, don’t you mean the Thermobaric Grenade in the tactical section, now that's a joke, I.E.D's are a joke full stop!! CBJ-MS is a SMG what do you expect, bulldog seems to be good on some maps but it is a shotgun, do you know what a shotgun is?

                                              A Guard Dog should have the same kill points as a player, not triple. try using a Maniac or Juggernaut in Hardcore you don’t get far with either, try using armour piercing ammo that works a treat, leave it the way it is.


                                              Quote "Also IW, please take out the K.E.M. Strike from care packages. There is one EVERY game on StrikeZone. It's annoying AF"

                                              Which rain cloud did you fall from?? every map has a special care package that does something different on each map, on StrikeZone its a K.E.M. Strike,,,, fancy that,,, it's meant to be the first person that completes a Field Operation should get the Map "Reaper Care pack" but that is not always the case. Enjoy the game; get use to the K.E.M. strike as it is part of the Map.


                                              Play some more, then come back and tell everyone what you really think.

                                              Everyone's an expert but they have no idea what the game needs, why not ask them to do you a custom game, just for you!!!

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                                                Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed


                                                -Gryphon Missile.- It takes multiple shots for bring down only one player.

                                                -Loki small canon- the small canon should work like the AC-130 canon.

                                                -Sabotage- I dont understand how this operations streak work. Make em useful.


                                                -Oracle- there are many people running the support, is OP make it vulnerable to the Ground Jammer.

                                                -Off the Grind- if the person is not moving make them appear in the mini map.

                                                Make the support streak like the assault if you die yo have to start all over again. }I dont know why they bring back the support streaks is making the assault less used in games or clan wars everyone is using support like: Ballistic vest, Oracle, Odin.

                                                This game is dominated by the support.

                                                I hope they get rid of the support streaks or make them like the assault ones worthy of call an ODIN or an oracle.


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                                                  Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                                                  For the nerfs, here's what I agree upon:


                                                  IEDs - They are a bit too powerful and super effective.  If only they had a slight range reduction and/or an increased timer prior to exploding.


                                                  Guard Dog - That dog's health is a bit too high and it's speed is crazy when it's trying to return to its master.


                                                  This is what I disagree with:


                                                  Chain SAW - I know it has a good rate of fire, but since it's a hipfire LMG, it cannot perform well at long range.  That is its counter balance.


                                                  Canister Bombs - I know they're powerful, but they take a while to arm and they cannot be thrown that far.  IF you really want thrown equipment to be nerfed or changed in some way, look at C4 (especially when combined with the riot shield).


                                                  Bulldog - Again, the counter balance is its low range in order to compensate for the high rate of fire.  As for the other shotguns, I say yes for the range buff, especially the pumps.


                                                  Juggernauts - The maniac has lower armor compared to the rest and can only knife.  If you have a good distance between the maniac, you're most likely going to kill him/her.  As for the other Juggernaut, not only is it a high killstreak reward, but he's slow and is constantly on the radar, which allows people to stay away.


                                                  If I missed some things, it's because I have no opinion about it.


                                                  ~RUGGED SAVIOR

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                                                      Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                                                      I am saying this as a player who is average, at best. The "support" streak is, for me, the only one I ever reach the end of, which happens to be the Oracle right now (except on one of my characters- I somehow changed his to a PAAWS, or something like that. No clue what it is supposed to do, but it looks like a rocket launcher that shoots two "things" out, and usually misses whatever I think I am aiming at). That bein said, I can see where a really good player, or even a player that isn't good, but has great teammates who keep him/her alive, could be a bit peeved by the Oracle because it makes you more likely to be seen, especially if you are camping, and more likely to be killed and ruin your consecutive kill streaks, forcing you to start over. However, if you are on the team of someone running support, and you are running assault, do you not see that you benefit from me being a support type? I give you ballistic vests to take more damage, I show you where the enemy is at so you can get your helicopter via my Oracle. Not everything in this game is 1 vs 1.

                                                      I am not arguing because I can see why someone would be upset when they get killed because an oracle made them stand out, but it is part of the game. I like the support streak because it lets me contribute something, and hope that they never nerf another gd thing (maybe the dog, but that would be it).

                                                      Why in the hel have we all become such complainers? Every day, theres a Nerf this, nerf that thread...Why? Did you get killed by someone, and you are the best at this game, so if someone killed you it was because their gun was OP? It wasnt perhaps that you were standing toi close to someone with a 2 HK weapon?


                                                      By the way, Rugged Savior, this is NOT a reply to you. I actually agree with 95% of what you post. This was a response to the original post.

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                                                        Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                                                        The assault jugg needs a health/regen buff, since they die way too fast.

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                                                          Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                                                          True i need reflex just to use canisters effectively

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                                                          Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                                                          I don't use many of the weapons you call out, so I cant comment on them, however, I do use IED's and can never seem to get them to work well.  I get killed by them all the time, even on spawns, but when I use them I only seem to get hit markers 50% of the time.  I must be putting them in the worst place possible or something...

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                                                            Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                                                            the only thing i agreed with is the IED and kind of the CBJ


                                                            CBJ is the best smg at closer quarters, at mid range it sucks


                                                            bull dog needs a nerf.. it kills already too fast at mid range its stupid

                                                            dog is fine

                                                            maniac is fine

                                                            remington is fine, it is meant to have range, however it is terrible in close to mid quarter combat


                                                            chainsaw.. really?

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                                                              Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                                                              Your kidding about the Chainsaw right? Its only viable to CQB, the only time to count on it. The Bulldog is one of the best shotguns to date in CoD history, you must have a slow trigger finger or tried to use it ONCE on a map like Stormfront or Stonehaven. Canister bombs are okay as is, they don't provide much more than a camper kill due to the fact that you can't throw it the distance of like C4 or a frag/Semtex. Moving to the CBJ, it becomes pretty good after you pick the right attachments. I make great progress with a grip and silencer. Don't listen to this guy, he obviously played for a few days after the release and is here to criticize a game he barely plays.

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                                                                Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                                                                Chainsaw: Yes

                                                                Bulldog: Yep, its such an annoying gun

                                                                MTAR-X: HELL NO! At least try it. MTAR is a really good gun and if it would be nerfed I bet a lot of players would stop because the MTAR is just such a good gun among the other SMG's.

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                                                                  Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                                                                  omfg, people need to stop thinking the MTAR is OP BECAUSE ITS NOT. GET OVER IT IT HAS RANGE THAT CAN STILL GET OUTGUNNED & OUT CONNECTED BY AN AR.

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                                                                      Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                                                                      Keep in mind that MLG players always use the best/OP guns (In BO2 they used M8A1,MSMC, etc.). Here in Ghosts almost EVERY competitive player uses the MTAR. If you can figure out why, you'll then understand why the MTAR is OP.

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                                                                      Re: Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

                                                                      Why do super old threads keep getting bumped when half the information is outdated?

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