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    Does it feel like CoD to you?

      I haven't played MP a lot yet as it's not running very well. Performance is far lower than any previous title, there's stuttering and all this but, issues aside:


      Do you think it feels like CoD still?


      If some of you played the game "Homefront" before, that's how it feels to me. More or less at least. Large maps, the new movement, weird "aim", the sound and especially the lack of polish. All this reminds me of something else, not CoD though.


      How do you feel about this? Like what you've seen so far?

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          Re: Does it feel like CoD to you?

          No it doesn't feel like CoD, in fact this game really bores me. The killstreaks are boring, they've gone backwards more than forwards, balance is horrible, the lag is horrible, the maps are horrible (in both size and design), the new gamemodes are boring (Blitz... really? What a failed attempt at making CTF not needing a team) and the spawning is just terrible,


          Another game puked up by Activision - if they're going to survive in next gen, they're going to need 4 studios working on CoD... so that each studio has 4 years to develop their game - so they can actually polish their games.

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            Re: Does it feel like CoD to you?

            Feels perfectly right to me, except for 2 things:

            1. If I come face to face with someone I can never ever drop them. Lose 100% of head-on gunfights, there is no such problem in BO2. I blame ping and I think it'll get better.

            2. Weapon sound. For the first time ever it's realistic, which is awesome, but a bit unusual.


            The maps are awesome, the new game modes are great.

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