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    cod app


      What is going on with the cod app?

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          Greetings buck_wheat3,


               Apologies for the delay! I have moved your thread to the general support portal for better assistance. Please let us know what problems are you experiencing with the App.




          ATVI Support

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              I think his problem is that your app is horrible and never works. It is always crashing especially when clan wars are happening. Which is troubling seeing that it is the only way we can track the war. If only you guys could use all this money that you make from game sales and actually design a better support system for the app so that it actually works around clan wars that would be great.

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                the Android app don't run on nook HD+ can you fix?

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                Having the same problem and it really bugs me. If it is the only way to track what is going on then you guys should probably make sure it works. Also if you are making billions of dollars off this freaking game I think the least we could expect is for everything to work properly.

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                  Hey everyone,


                  Thank you for voicing your concerns here. I understand how frustrating it may be to have functionality issues with the Call of Duty app at the moment. We are aware that some users are experiencing functionality issues with the app and Beachhead is currently working on it, you can check for updates here Beachhead Studio. In the mean time, try reinstalling the app, relogging int the app as well as relinking your game account to your Call of Duty account.