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    Xbox 360 - [Rotten] - Platinum - Placed 1st in all Clan Wars - 94 Members - 6 spots open!

      If you are not extremely active, you will be kicked very quickly. This is a Clan Wars clan. Read the requirements before contacting me.


           Now the fun stuff...


      Clan/Clan Wars:



      • "Rotten" is the official clan name.
      • Our clan is level 22.
      • We have 80 members. I just deleted 20 today for being inactive.
      • In this clan, only the active members that help with clan wars will receive its benefits. Inactive members are noticed and are removed. It sounds harsh but that's what clan wars requires.
      • We play EVERYTHING...whatever playlist it takes to win the Clan War. Be ready to play both core and hardcore.


           Clan Wars

      • Platinum Division
      • 1st place in the first, second and third clan war.
      • I've been following Beachhead Studio (creators of Clan Wars) and I know mostly everything about Clan Wars as a result.
      • I've also come across some very useful strategies along the way, for gaining CP and getting achievements. We just need more active members to go even further with it.



           Must be very active. Clan Wars requires active players, if you only get on a few times a week, I will notice and kick you. Just saying.

           Must have a 1.5 KD or higher. In my opinion, a 1.5 KD shows that you aren't afraid to die to win objective game types.

           Must be at least 18 years old. This is honestly to weed out young, annoying children. (no offense)   

           Must choose winning a game over getting a good KD. And if you constantly complain about your KD decreasing during games, you will not fit in. We play to win, not to have cute KDs.

           Must have a mic.

      About Me:


      • I'm 25 years old, a veteran, and the clan leader.
      • I don't boss anyone around. I started this clan because I was tired of all the clan leader dictatorships.
      • I act silly a lot but don't be fooled, immaturity is an entirely different thing that my clan does not enjoy.
      • I don't tolerate serious racism.


      And there you have it.

      If you meet the requirements listed, send a voice message to get invited. Or send in an application via the Call of Duty mobile App.


      For Xbox 360 players message:  I am Le Artiste        Message only, I have a full friends list.

      For Xbox One players message:  TROUT1369


      Thanks guys.