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    Make Clan vs Clan SEPARATE from MP

      I think that Clan vs Clan is nice and all, I'm excited for clan wars but aside from the app problem I think the other main issue is that clan vs clan is basically part of multiplayer. Not everything is unlocked, nothing is banned, and all the stats count from the public stats. The reason league play was so successful was that is was separate from MP and was basically a GB playlist. However you're going to do a LOT worse on clan vs clan than in normal pubs so the stats get intermingled and it doesn't show the true stats for either. So can you simply make clan vs clan a new sub-section (core, hardcore, clan) and unlock everything, banned on basis of GB/MLG, and then make the stats separate. I am not sure how clan wars will work but it seems placements will be returning I just want everything to be more league-play/minor league competitive. Any one agree? disagree? Oh and get rid of blitz (get hardpoint), add capture the flag, and replace S&R with S&D when it comes out. MLG is having an extremely tough issue with the lack of competitive gamemodes and I don't want clan vs clan to be more like MP than MLG.