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    Clan Leveling up?

      My clan is currently pushing level 10, we are roughly 1000 xp off level 10 on Call of Duty ghosts, we have 17 members and around 4 are new, as we invite people, i find our clan xp goes up, but the last person we invited, we got no xp for. We play all game modes and get xp for some but not for others, we do also play together either a team of 6 or split groups of 3 or 4 etc.


      My question is, how exactly do we earn Clan XP? What are the rewards? We have earned 7 rewards, but i have no idea what the rewards are for. Is there a list of challenges to do?

      Please can someone answer this for me, it's beginning to bug me more than anything aha!

      Many Thanks


      Risen Gaming UK