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    ghost server

      Trying to play CallofDuty Ghost and it won't let me get online it says that the server is down.Other people are online playing how is the server down?

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          Re: ghost server

          Having the same issue. The website says its up and x box live is fine.

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            Same here. Was playing got through one game then... error the Call of duty Ghosts server is not available. The status website says its up.

            Black Ops2 connected. Just no luck with Ghosts

            I'm on a Xbox360

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              Re: ghost server

              Same here. I was playing via xbox live, was dumped out of my party's lobby. Error servers currently unavailable. I've dashboarded, bounced my box, and reset my connection entirely. It will not connect. Sometimes it sites error 256 but the majority of the time it gives no error. Tried another game from Activision even, works just fine.

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                Re: ghost server

                Hi there,


                To check the status of online services you can visit Call of Duty®: Ghosts || Game Status .

                If online services are fully operationally and you are still experiencing an issue connecting you may want to try the following:


                1. Rebooting your router.

                2. Use a wired connection to sustain the connection quality.

                2. Try connecting directly through the modem.  This will help identify if there's an issue with the router or possible blocked ports.

                3. Establish a static IP address and port forward to open any blocked ports.


                Here are the port numbers you will need:


                Xbox 360: Activision Support


                PS3: Activision Support


                PC: Activision Support


                If you have any questions on how to port forward, please contact your ISP or the router manufacturer for further assistance.


                Regards ^AH

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