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    Call of Duty Ghosts Error - Server is Not Available(With Info)


      I see this question has been asked but people arnt putting in alot of information on what they have and havnt tried to do to fix it yet so they are getting mixed responses.


      I am getting the Call of Duty : Ghosts server is not available at this time please try again later.


      Heres what i have done already.


      callofduty.com/ghosts/status on their website says operational.

      xbox.com/server-status on xbox website says they are having no issues.


      I have tested my internet connetion. I have Open NAT.

      I restarted my xbox

      Speed tested myself on my computer and am at 56mbps download and 17mbps upload.

      Reset my router.

      Power cycled my router.


      Still get the error message.

      I had one of my friends who was in a game back out to check. He backed out to the character customation/operations and lobby search screen. As soon as he backed out to the Xbox Live/Local play/System link screen and tried to reconnect by hitting the xbox live menu choice, it gave him the same error.

      This appears to be a problem with initially connecting to the servers. Once people are connected they have no issue, but if they back out past that menu, they are unable to reconnect.


      Also as a side note, this has happened before and i have taken these same steps and it didnt fix the problem. I had to wait for almost 5 hours before it would finally work, and not to be a jerk, but i did preorder ghosts and should be getting x2 EXP right now but because there is an error message that you guys will not address or keep pointing people to your server status page like thats going to fix it, its not working. Lots of us are having this issue so please stop taking us for morons.