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    Patch 1.03 - Lag Issues?



      After watching this, you will say that it was his internet.




      In Australia, we got patch 1.03 thinking some positive changes were made. Now ever since this patch, most of the players here have been lagging like this horrendously. I've asked so many people in lobbies and during games and they have all said that they're running into walls and this sort of stuff. I've deleted my saved data utility and it has fixed it... slightly. Still feel like I'm bumping into other players.


      Also, I go to search up a game in a Domination lobby, get put into a pre-game lobby then instantly booted and searching again, through no fault of my own. If you want to see proof of this, I am more than happy to upload a video of that.


      By the way, the player of this video I've uploaded is not a bad player at all. He's one of the best players out there, is very well known and is doing very well with YouTube.