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    Great game ruined once again

      As most of you are aware, Call of Duty Ghosts has turned out to be, by far, one of the best/worst CoD games ever released. The difference between this game and the previous may come as a surprise.


      The game itself is absolutely remarkable. The scenery, maps, perk system, new game modes, hit detection, and many other things are the best I've seen anywhere. However, all of this was thrown away almost instantaneously by the people playing the game.


      Every single match I have played in every single playlist since day 2 is exactly the same. People camping in corners with I.E.D's and Awareness, just waiting for someone to walk by. I am so frustrated with this game already and it hasn't even been out a week.


      Everyone thought that this game would finally change the face of CoD but as it turns out, it has already turned into a clone of MW3. The Developer's are not at fault here, the problem is ours and nothing can be done about the play style of the gamers at fault. I'm sure something could be introduced into the game to encourage players not to camp but chances are, the attempts would fail.


      I tried to tough it out and stick around but the problems just get worse every day. Myself, along with the majority of people I've come into contact with, will be returning CoD Ghosts within the week and will be going back to BO2. It is truly a shame that the CoD community has been diminished to what it is today. I really had hopes that this title would not become yet another disappointment.


      Cheers- OTSS Pestilence

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          1. Re: Great game ruined once again

          You realize there are perks that counter the play-style you're describing, right?  Yea, the sack-less corner campers & I.E.D. whores take away from the game but, it is just that.. A game... try not taking it so seriously.

          P.s- This is the best CoD that has ever been made. Bad Oops2 is hands down the worst.

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            2. Re: Great game ruined once again

            So, you're complaining because of the population playing and people camping with IED's? Is it too hard for you to hear "*beep* *beepbeep* *beepbeepbeepbeepbeep*" Because whenever I hear that **** I turn and run or sprint on past it. I play Domination a lot, I toss IED's on cap points and it's ridiculous the amount of kills I get because f*cksticks like you are deaf and lack any situational awareness at all. I'll literally be gone capping B and get a double kill at A cause idiots just rushed it and laid down. You know, if listening for the beeps is too hard, there's a perk that turns them into hunter orange blocks on the ground, so if you aren't color blind maybe you can dodge them that way.


            As far as campers go, that sh*t sucks, and I sympathize with you, however, if you don't go back to where the camper is... he won't get kills, will he? You're probably one of those kids that sprints around corners instead of ADSing and get shot before you can even look down your own sight. Go play something less competitive if you complain about the people playing.


            TL;DR: IED's are easy to avoid if you aren't a f*cking retard, and yes, camping sucks, don't keep running towards campers.

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              3. Re: Great game ruined once again

              Yes there will always be campers, snipers, rushers, music player sect. Ect....Problem is for some people they only like to play THEIR way! But this game caters for all play styles which a good cod should...

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                4. Re: Great game ruined once again

                there aren't perks for dying from an ied right when you spawn...

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                  5. Re: Great game ruined once again

                  Sorry to hear this...but this is not the game play old gallp experiences. Perhaps Aussie n NZ players are more...gung-ho

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                    6. Re: Great game ruined once again

                    this piece of **** is nothing like MW3.....

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                      7. Re: Great game ruined once again

                      Have you tried Cranked?  If you hate campers, this game-mode tends to cut down on camping and generally be a zerg-fest.  Some people will still try to camp no matter what you do, but for the most part it's a million times better than TDM.

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                        8. Re: Great game ruined once again

                        As long as people aren't cheating, boosting, glitching, etc, they will play how they want to play. If you can't, or refuse to adapt to that, play bots all the time or go back to whatever you played before. Don't feed the campers. If I get shot by one camper and don't know a sure way to take him out, he won't get another kill off of me. Simple as that. It's not like this game doesn't have multiple routes around it to avoid getting shot in the same spot again.

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                          9. Re: Great game ruined once again

                          Looks like you didn't adapt very well now did you?


                          Once you start getting used to the game you can literally predict when the people are going to start spawning behind you like you could with any CoD. Put about a week in and you'll be exploiting campers in no time.

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