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    Camos and Matchmaking

      Couple questions about this game.  One, why the hell are the camp challenges so stupid?  There are very few that require skill.  Get 150 kills crouched?  Not a challenge, just a hassle.  35 assists?  Really?  How does that even take a shred of skill?  That's literally challenging you to screw up your kills.  Not to mention, they give you the option to turn off leaning, but good luck getting gold if you do, because they force you to get 100 leaning kills.  Thank god gold looks terrible.  How do you screw up gold?  Honestly?


      Second question, why in the hell does it take longer to find a full match in a game with 500,000 people playing it than it does to find a match of Halo 3 with like 2,000 playing.  This is pathetically slow.  I shouldn't have to search for a match for 5-10 minutes when I can go play Halo 3 and find one in like 30 seconds.