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    Clan Lv Up's

      My Question Is Will They Add 1V1 To The Game Modes And Have Something For Clan Members To Lv Up There Clan Alone I find My Self Playing Alone More Than With My Clan Cause They Are All Busy.

      So Basically It really Isn't Fair To Have To Have 4 People To Do It And Unlock Some Pretty Cool Stuff In Game.  So Will IW Add It? I hope So.

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          Re: Clan Lv Up's


          That would not be a bad idea for a game mode!  As Ghost is still pretty new, we are looking for more ways to improve performance and functionality.

          I will do my best to forward this up to the proper parties to be looked into.


          Do let me know if you have any additional technical support questions.


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            Re: Clan Lv Up's

            While a 1vs1 option is a possibility, keep in mind you only need you and 1 other person to help level up your clan. You don't have to have 4 people. 4 is only required for Clan vs Clan. 2 players playing multiplayer will be leveling up your clan. Read the details on how to level up your clan in the following thread...see #9.


            Clan Issues and Fixes

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                Re: Clan Lv Up's

                It would be nice though if they added a one player leveling up option even if it was just half the xp per match for those one man clans out there that are just getting started.  I know that it seems a little counter intuitive to be playing by yourself for a clan related event but I just like to think that guys that are trying to do it on their own should be given the opportunity to do so.  Adding the option to regular multiplayer at least in my mind would be a more simple solution than trying to change the rules for Clan v Clan or Clan Wars.

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                    Re: Clan Lv Up's

                    I do get what you're saying and I wouldn't be opposed to a way for one person to level up the clan but only 25XP per win and 5 per loss as opposed to 50XP per win and 10 per loss for a multiplayer game as it is now. However, think about the concept of a clan. A clan by definition is more than one player. It is something you are supposed to work together towards, not as a bunch of individuals. I see your point, but I also understand the intended concept behind a clan and that is multiple people working together to win as a clan and not as individuals.

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