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    Clan Nightmare

      I created my clan early, my members were migrated and everything seemed fine until I promoted someone to Commander on my phone.


      I worked with the guy to fix this and eventually was left as the Lt. Commander and no Commander of my clan. I called and explained this to support and after I got off the chat session with them, I was in another clan entirely and now with no type of Commander at all, I can't even get into my own clan!!


      So, in the mean time, I've created a new clan and I can't seem to get any answers from anyone in support ... the only thing I get from them is "this will be fixed soon."


      This seems very sketchy to me and Beachead Sudios were FAR less then superb the last go around with MW3, so I'm not very optimistic here.


      There are some things that need to be addressed, but one thing for sure is when promoting someone in the clan, there needs to be a verification question because I was at the time just thankful that I promoted someone I knew in the clan.


      I'm just really unhappy with this experience, we're almost, if not already level 11 and was about to get gold clan tags.


      >>>>>>PLEASE HELP<<<<<<

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