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    A Clan Management Website/Console Application Is Needed!

      I get it, people stare at their phones 24/7 why bother to make a website to manage the new game. BECAUSE NOT EVERYONE HAS A CELLPHONE OR IPAD OR IPOD OR I-WTF-EVER !

      And why not release the app to the amazon app store for the other half of the tablet world?




      I love the game, i love the concepts of the new modes, I even love the fact that there is a phone app.  But I cannot manage my clan without a cellphone gimme flipping break.  How can you create this fantastic multi-platform clan architecture but not create at least the simplest website to manage it even though you boast your billion dollar channel sales.  we want a 100k website so we can actually use the functionality!


      You better make it happen or your die-hard clans are going to GTFO and go to BF4. And I'm talking quickly.


      Clans need to be manageable fully on the console as a bare minimum.  You cannot try to force people to buy cellphones because they don't have one or their's isn't compatible.


      You could even put the app in an android emulator on your own website to save time!