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      I would love to see Demo back in the playlists with an upcoming update.. or some time of bomb game with respawns perhaps??  This was easily my favorite game mode from BO2, and Sabotage my favorite from MW3.  I know you're probably all like, wtf did he say.. Sabotage?!  But once the other modes starting feeling redundant around August/September, a tight Sabotage match was a breath of fresh air.. and really got my heart pounding during a tight match!  I just wish there was at least something comparable, other than SnR (which is also very weak compared to regular old SnD).


      I understand Sabotage was dropped because at any given time, on average, I only saw 1,000 players max in the whole world playing it.. but Demo was/is still popular.  I'll even share some sympathy for dedicated CTF players. It's a bummer that it was bumped for "community" type games(from MW3), which I feel belong in their own playlist right below clan vs. clan.. i.e.- Infected, Hunted, even Blitz and Cranked to a certain extent.  I think they are too arcade-like(and some too low-scoring) to be in a normal playlist IMO. 


      I guess one positive is that it gives the past 2 titles more longevity..like if I wanted to go back and play my favorite game modes.. but I'd rather not.   I'm the guy who puts the previous COD games back in their cases for good.