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    Is Air Superiority bugged?

      I am of course referring to the 12 point support killstreak, I've called it in twice when the enemy team has battle hinds in the air. It does not do anything! Doesn't even shoot, just goes woosh, woosh then woosh. Rubbish! Is it bugged or is it just super terrible?


      Compare this to the MAWWS rocket launcher, which is awesome at both getting kills and taking out helicopters.


      Also does anyone know of a way of counter the satellite's loki, odin and oracle? Or are they uncounterable.

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          I haven't tried using Ground Jammer when an enemy ODIN/LOKI is out but I do know that Blind Eye will make you invisible to the Oracle.

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              Yeah, as far as I can tell, there's no way to outright block out LOKI/ODIN in its entirety (as in messing up the user's entire screen or something). I think Ground Jammer can at least prevent it from being activated in the first place, but won't do anything if it's currently in use as it's not a "ground" electronic killstreak like the SAT-COM, Sentry Gun, etc. The best you can do that I know of is Blind Eye keeping you from being highlighted on the user's screen, but if you're someone who constantly moves around, then you can still easily be seen against the ground. You'll just be much safer inside buildings with it, and away from windows and doors where the blast radius (mostly from the large rod) can still possibly kill you.


              As for Air Superiority itself, apparently it DOES have chances of missing because it's actually flying down and trying to aim at the things in the air, so I suppose if the Battle Hinds are constantly moving around, it's possible for Air Superiority to miss as it's strafing...which is kind of stupid considering Ground Jammer can't miss like that...

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              And you're sure it doesn't touch the hind?

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                I've had it on for like... since week one of release.  STILL working on the patch for my tag.  It misses MOST of the time I use it.  Is there a trick to it?  I ran it.  It missed.  I was 2 kills away from another, so I got it, and I ran it.  It missed again!  That's 4 f'in shots.

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                  I think it is bugged as well.  Some friends of mine and I have all tried it without success.

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                    I have been having this same issue as well. I call in air superiority when enemy has choppers in the air & it does nothing at least 50% of the time or more.